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What would you ask citizens on transparency?

I just received this press release in my inbox on how the Government is planning to consult citizens on public transparency as part of its Open Public Services White Paper (or #opswp). There are three words that pop out: “public transparency”, “consult” and “citizens”. Let’s break them down… Public Transparency Many people will wonder whatRead… Read more »

Challenging Open Data

The Open Data Challenge 2011 was the largest ever open data competition in Europe, in which there was a large cash prize. Over 430 participants from 24 EU Member States attempting to create the most interactive and influential apps using public sector information to reinvent the way we govern and live in our community. TheRead… Read more »

Stepping It Up

When thinking about new areas for research or working on a new project there are a few factors that are worth considering. At the Make it Local event, Jon Kingsbury advised we should be looking into services that are shaped with people in mind, as this will mean gaining the maximum use from applied data.Read… Read more »

Data in the Community

How does the use of data benefit community groups? Philip Blond, of Respublica, declares here that the point that if the intermediary organisations combined their leading expertise with that of other community groups, they would be able to further explore how data could be used. Would this approach also benefit future instances of opening data?Read… Read more »

Opening doors through innovation in open data

Can the expertise of two completely separate innovators open doors that were shut? Rufus Pollock, co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation that looks at the promotion of information and people using it, presented a speech on the value of data. Rufus suggests, “The issue is bridging the divide between people who have the data, orRead… Read more »

2.0 Be Or Not 2.0 Be?

We now have a rival website! Built by a developer who works for one of our partners! Have a look to see what he has produced and what motivated him to develop it. Don’t worry, the current website you’re looking at won’t go away and neither will the data, but we’re very keen to findRead… Read more »

We have started opening up data on traffic and travel. Because it is picking up live information from sensors on the streets and roads across the county, you can only view it as feeds (go here and search for traffic). If you are a developer, we’d love to see what you can do with thisRead… Read more »

The Open Kent API

If you are a web developer, please feel free to use our API (Application Programming Interface). This pulls data from our datastore and is updated approximately every 10 minutes. Please see the information and links below. Please note that the “host: port” for Open Kent is “”. For example, the reference in the documentation ofRead… Read more »