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Hacking the Shires

A couple of days ago we featured an interview with Bristol City Council on their B-Open Competition. From the South West we move to the Midlands where we ask one of the pioneers in local government of hack competitions, Warwickshire County Council. Check out our interview with Jim Morton, an Applications Architect there who blogsRead… Read more »

Going Through the Tunnel of Broadband

Broadband is a big challenge, if you can’t access the internet, you can’t make as much use of the opportunities from open data – although initiatives like the Newspaper Club (@jaggeree) and Barcode Poster (@adrianshort) show you can take it to the doorstep and streets. Provision of broadband has opened up the space for initiativesRead… Read more »

Where Do You Feel Safe?

Yesterday, I was discussing with Carla Ross who heads up Reboot Britain about how digital technology can be used to tackle really complex issues. She will be speaking at our conference in September on this and much more. One of the projects that is part of the Reboot Britain programme is called “Where Do IRead… Read more »

Mapping Your Area

Yesterday, we talked about how you could find information on all the different activities and events taking place across the county and use the API to re-use the data itself. Today, we’re going to cover the information we have on where local services are based. You might be enjoying yourself taking part in an activityRead… Read more »

API Your Area

t’s the summer and you may be wondering what to do. In yesterday’s post, showed you how a developer had created a heat map of where to park when you’re on your bike. We know there’s much more to do in Kent than cycling, so today we’re releasing the API here to all the eventsRead… Read more »

Putting the heat on cycling data

We often use examples of visualisations or maps to describe open data, but if we look at more advanced types of mapping, you can find heatmapping too. Above is a map created using open data in Kent plotted by @purplegeode of just that, it’s a heatmap of cycle park availability, which will be very usefulRead… Read more »

What can we learn from the Open Data Consultation

So the government consultation on open data has arrived (h/t @hadleybeeman for signposting!) and before I get into the content, think it’s worth praising the Cabinet Office for an easy to “flick through” consultation. What do we mean? Firstly, the glossary of terms is very important to understand what we mean by open data forRead… Read more »

From open data to open analysis

We often talk of how open data can be used to help people make sense of the services they use or how an organisation performs, in other words getting smart about data. There are tools that can help those with the expertise do that and others which are more useful for people like you andRead… Read more »