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The Public Service – An Exclusive and Secretive Group

Social Connect via: If you haven’t read about it or heard about it yet, Nathan Jurgenson offers harsh criticism against the “TED” talks. What are TED talks? TED talks started as a one-off conference nearly 30 years ago. Since then, it has grown into two large annual events and several smaller regional TEDx events thatRead… Read more »

Advice from A Retired Public Servant

Social Connect via: The public service is good at many things and yet faces challenges in many others. One area of great personal interest is the demographic shift as aging baby boomers retire from the public service. One important element of this retirement is the loss of institutional and corporate knowledge that has the potentialRead… Read more »

Reward and Recognition in the Public Service – A System In Need of Reform

Social Connect via: Dan Pink gives a good TED talk on the subject of incentives that I’d like to share as an opening to this post. He believes that “carrot/stick” incentive models are not appropriate for the knowledge worker who does not perform mechanical tasks or “inside the box” tasks. During the talk, he givesRead… Read more »

HRSDC’s Web 2.0 Symposium – Thoughts and Insights

Social Connect via: On Friday January 20, something amazing happened. Public servants, mainly from HRSDC, but also from several other departments met to discuss everything Web 2.0. The agenda was packed, the content insightful but most importantly, I had a chance to meet public servants who share a passion for technology similar to my own.Read… Read more »

How do public servants “get in the system”?

Social Connect via: Disclaimer: The story told here is purely fictional and used to illustrate my opinion, it is not a relation of personal experience but rather an observation I have heard from other public servants. What do I mean when I ask, “how do public servants get in the system”? I’m sure we areRead… Read more »