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Public Engagement – What does the future hold?

Social Connect via: I recently attended a presentation on a research report about public consultation completed by the Canada School of Public Service: (internal to GOC). The results of the research project are very interesting and I would be happy to share the results with anyone who is interested. I don’t have the answersRead… Read more »

Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government – A Critical Review

Social Connect via: My original plan this week was to post about March Madness which is the usual spending that seems to occur as the end of the government fiscal year approaches. That post will be released next week. This week, I want to address Canada’s Action Plan released by the Government of Canada asRead… Read more »

Disruptive Innovation – A New Way To Look At The Bureaucracy

Social Connect via: This past week I have been reading a report by Deloitte called Government Disrupted, accessible at: This report takes a look at the public sector in an interesting light by focusing on the concept of disruptive innovation. Disruptive innovation is defined on Wikipedia as: An innovation that helps create a newRead… Read more »

Share Your Story – Introducing a Website To Post Your Stories and Share Your Experiences

Please visit to post your story and share your knowledge with fellow public servants! I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again but the baby boomers are retiring and several problems are going to be created because of that. One of the biggest problems we face in government is the loss of knowledgeRead… Read more »

A Budget of Austerity – A Public Servant’s Guide to Survival

Social Connect via: With the release of the federal budget on March 29, 2012, a sigh of relief could be heard all across Ottawa as the full extent of spending cuts and lay-offs were revealed. The cuts to Departments were lower than expected with most Departments being asked to find 5-6% in savings with variationsRead… Read more »

The Case for Teleworking

Teleworking is becoming an increasingly popular way of working for many people. The convenience of wearing pajamas while working aside, the home often offers freedom, privacy and a distraction free environment which lends itself to a more productive and functional workplace than the traditional cubicle office. For employees, teleworking offers reduced commute times and reducedRead… Read more »

Firefox was removed from my government PC – Why this is a symptom of a bigger problem

Social Connect via: This week, Firefox was removed from my government work PC. This action itself was relatively minor and hardly noteworthy. However, the removal of the Firefox web browser is a symptom of a greater problem within government information technology and restricting public servants in being productive through the technology they use to doRead… Read more »

Addressing Austerity – What should you as a public servant do?

Social Connect via: For public servants across the world and more specifically in Canada, austerity measures being introduced by their governments represent a threat to their livelihood. Public service has traditionally been viewed as a cushy, secure job with wonderful benefits. Public service is not the most well paid job but the job security andRead… Read more »