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Global Accessibility Awareness Day:  Why It Matters to All of Us

Despite significant public support, there remains a critical, worldwide need for digital accessibility. On this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, let’s go beyond “awareness for a day” and start making concrete changes.

Wasting Your Greatest Resource? Get the GOAT in the Game!

The greatest performer in your agency may be someone you don’t call on much anymore, someone who’s older or has survived multiple layoffs and in-force reductions. But overlooking those employees is a mistake.

Equal Accessibility: The New White House Memorandum Impacting All Federal IT Systems

Ensuring accessibility should be a priority for every stakeholder involved in government technology development, operation and maintenance. A new federal memorandum highlights what’s required — so the American Dream is attainable for everyone, regardless of their physical ability.

NJ Makes Applying for Unemployment Benefits Easier

In New Jersey, officials are finding ways to make the unemployment benefits system clearer, more seamless and more compassionate. It’s the result of thoughtful, agile, evidence-based modernization.

The Case for Accessible Communications Technology

Collaborative technology has erased physical barriers that once made it difficult to meet face-to-face and work on documents simultaneously. But disabled employees and other workers often need special accommodations — closed captioning, for instance — that allows them to access modern communications technology.