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James Doyle: NRL Aims to Observe Ocean Battlespaces In Real Time

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has developed and demonstrated several tools for measuring atmospheric and ocean parameters to help predict the weather. NRL presented numerical weather prediction models and sensing systems at the U.S. Navy’s annual Trident Warrior sea trial exercise held from July 13 through 18, NRL said Wednesday. “These numerical experiments demonstrate, inRead… Read more »

Idea generation: who cares? (I mean, seriously?!)

I’ve been thinking about and studying the whole “here comes everybody” phenomenon recently. And, while I’m not going to offer any definitive conclusions, I thought I would offer a mish-mash of some of my personal observations and findings: first, to see if any resonate and, second, to see what I can learn from others whoRead… Read more »

Could Prediction Markets concept be applied to government projects?

Motorola uses a prediction market to gather new ideas from employees and predict their success based on how willing individuals are to buy “stock” in them. They launched a system called ThinkTank in 2003 to collect potential innovations. Employees are given $100K in virtual dollars to vote on ideas at $10 per share. Perhap governmentRead… Read more »