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Addicted To Our Phones? Government Transitions To The Mobile World

We’ve all been there. That moment when we sit down to lunch, coffee, or just spending time with friends, and suddenly realize that every person in the room is zoned out on their smartphone. But despite unfortunate scenarios like these, much of mobile technology can enhance the ease of our existence and even help governmentRead… Read more »

What’s In Store? Identifying Key Challenges Facing Government

Generally, the first step towards problem solving is identifying the problem. How can the government expect to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century without first understanding what problems it’s up against? Chris Dorobek has been interviewing various government professionals to get their take on the biggest issues facing the U.S. government todayRead… Read more »

A New Year’s Lesson In Progress: PerformanceStat and Government Agency Improvement

It’s been two weeks since the kick-start to New Year’s resolutions, and hopefully everyone’s still in the mindset of self-improvement. But you and I aren’t the only ones who set improvement goals for ourselves. Christopher Dorobek, host of the podcast DorobekINSIDER, spoke with Bob Behn, Senior Lecturer at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, andRead… Read more »

How To Conduct a Winning Online Training: Bonus Tips!

On Tuesday, Steve Ressler, President of GovLoop, Andrew Krzmarzick, Director of Learning and Development at GovLoop, and Jennifer Kaplan, Product Marketing Manager at GovDelivery, hosted an online training on “11 Tips to Transform Your Virtual Training and Events.” But we ended up with more than 11 – here are some bonus tips that will takeRead… Read more »