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Sparking Innovation Out Of The Doldrums

When things are running smoothly, a lot of us find it hard to push ourselves and think creatively. However, when someone challenges us to find new ways of doing things, we’re more inclined to think outside of the box and innovate. For instance, think of the reality show ‘Top Chef’. The challenge of the competitionRead… Read more »

Small Businesses: Let Gov Help You!

There are loads of benefits to supporting small businesses. They can be friendlier, more transparent, more accessible, and less hierarchical. Plus, they can provide the government with great services – just as good as larger businesses who engage in acquisitions with the U.S. government. The only caveat is that small businesses need a little bitRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity: No More Rumors

Hacks are no laughing matter. The U.S. government and the American population have lost billions of dollars as a result of IT system hacks. The threats come from all angles – insiders, thieves, terrorists, and your run-of-the-mill bad guys. Cybersecurity is not just a national issue – it’s a national battle. And it’s certainly beenRead… Read more »

Innovation: What The Feds Think

Innovation is a big buzzword all over the business world. It’s taken off in the private sector, with companies such as Apple or Tesla constantly pushing boundaries in terms of creativity and delivery. In these organizations, there is a culture of innovation, where it is encouraged and rewarded. But what about the public sector? WhatRead… Read more »

CIOs Stepping Up To Bat

For CIOs, it’s time to step up to bat. With recent legislation, federal CIOs are getting more influence – but with great power comes great responsibility. In terms of implementing IT changes in the federal government, now more than ever CIOs will be accountable for how the government is performing in its major IT programs.Read… Read more »

The New Health Craze: Data!

The world is awash with new health technologies – Fit Bits, iPhone apps, nutrition trackers, heart rate monitors. Even healthcare, one of the most slow-moving, risk-averse sectors, is starting to see the potential of using data to improve outcomes. The government has begun to understand the advantages to digitizing health records, and to implement programsRead… Read more »

The Next Generation of Open Data

These days, it seems like people are obsessed with numbers. It’s often thought that numbers and statistics are the most powerful source of data. With hard numbers, you can create visuals and graphs to prove your point. No one can dispute your hard data claims. Right? However, there’s a strong argument for moving away fromRead… Read more »