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An Interviewer’s Guide to Job Interviewing

People who interview jobseekers for a living are usually NOT included in the group that makes employment decisions. That’s unfortunate since they are also the people who tend to have the expertise to spot prevaricators! On the plus side, the people who do make hiring decisions are people who are skilled in the technical aspectsRead… Read more »

Mandatory UnPaid Leave Proposed for Feds

Unemployment is high in America so a bill was introduced by Mike Coffman (R-CO) that could allegedly cut $5.5 billion from the federal budget by requiring two weeks of mandatory unpaid leave for federal employees. H.R. 6134, is a one year measure to reduce federal spending and combat the unsustainable deficit spending in Washington. TheRead… Read more »

Retirement Planning

It’s never too soon to start planning for retirement. The earlier you get started, the less expensive it will be to set yourself up for your future! So, when you find yourself wondering what you have to do NOW to be all set, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself —Read… Read more »

Master the Phone Interview

The Feds are doing a lot more phone and VTC/Skype interviewing these days. Here are some ideas to help prepare yourself so you can put your best foot forward… [read more]

Do Different Masters Make a Difference?

Who’s responsible for the day-to-day employment decisions in your agency? Is it an appointed or elected official or a career employee? Does the position make a difference? Everyday, organizations make decisions that directly affect the terms and conditions of our employment. Who to select for promotion, who will be reassigned or detailed, to whom recognitionRead… Read more »