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Career Advice? Get Back To Basics!

I was reading Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World, when I realized that Ghandi really knew how to give great career advice! Who thought that his virtues might also serve us well in our careers? How often have you discovered that some level of cynicism has crept into your way of approaching your career,Read… Read more »

Employee Retention or Employee Loyalty?

Reprinted from: Success Performance Solutions by Ira Wolfe | June 23, 2010 Which is better: employee retention or loyalty? The answer isn’t as obvious as you think. These are some common remarks shared by disgruntled, long-term employees: · “All the owners care about is the money.” · “They’ll never pay me what I deserve anyway.”Read… Read more »

They’re Tossing Out the Baby!

Employers use many methods to evaluate job applicants against job requirements! It’s not unusual for prospective employers to ask job applicants to give examples of work experiences that demonstrate their knowledge, skills & abilities for a new job! And, for the most part, all of them know it’s important to tie their questions to theRead… Read more »

Resumes Are Like Bikinis

Truth be told … it’s a crap-shoot finding recruiters & staffing specialists at the top of their game! And, since there are no real rules for writing résumés, the odds of getting one’s résumé beyond that cursory first read are stacked against us! Staffing specialists and professional recruiters have their own personal rules about whatRead… Read more »

Why Telework Can’t Work for the Federal Government

The notion of “telework” isn’t new; it’s commonly used in the private sector for positions that involve analytical thought, professional work products, counseling, training, and the like. So why is OPM pushing it without Congressional mandate? (See FedSmith’s article titled “Telework in the Federal Government”). Unlike the profit-motivators and cost-cutting measures that stimulate this typeRead… Read more »

What Is Needed to Build a Transparent, High-Performance Government

The traditional bureaucratic leadership style, typical in governmental organizations, limits employee flexibility in the workplace. Elected and appointed officials, whose leadership styles depend heavily on bureaucratic and directive approaches, inhibit innovation and employee clarity about the expectations set for them. Senior government officials who engage in a broad repertoire of leadership styles, on the otherRead… Read more »

The Lazy Government Employee

Several years ago, about 6 months after I started working for a new employer, my supervisor called me in to his office to give me feedback on how I was doing. During our conversation, he told me, “I only hire people who are lazy.” Not wanting to be tagged with that moniker, I figured IRead… Read more »