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Think Creatively TODAY So Your Agency Can INNOVATE Tomorrow

Does the Spring weather make you crave new directions? Do things feel stale around your office? Do you need new ideas to solve nagging problems? Perhaps your entire team needs a dose of creative thinking. As timelines get reduced and work intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases exponentially. It is no longer enough toRead… Read more »

Tips for Holiday Magic, not Holiday Stress

Holiday Magic 2012 newsletter Holiday Magic The holidays are magical times…if you can bring all of the puzzle pieces together in time to feel organized and in control OR if you totally give in and let the holiday’s flow – come what may, it won’t bother you. Where does your propensity lie? Do youRead… Read more »

Have an 8% rise in productivity with just a few Microsoft Outlook Tips

If you use Microsoft Outlook, join me for a complimentary webinar: Outlook on Steroids. You’ll learn little known Outlook features that will help you gain at a minimum 5 more minutes of productive time an hour, giving you an 8% rise in productivity. Register your entire team for this Lunch and Learn preview. For anRead… Read more »