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Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (02/08/2011) – Designed as a guide to help agencies move to a cloud computing environment. Strategy defines cloud computing, outlines the decision framework for cloud migration, cites case examples and resources, offers strategies on leveraging cloud computing, and identifies government roles and responsibilities for driving cloud adoption. Top MobileRead… Read more »

February 11 Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Innovation in Government (02/03/2011) – Report provides a framework government leaders can use to create a climate of innovation in their organization. Tips for fostering innovation include: establishing a lab for testing new ideas; organizing a task force to identify barriers to innovation; rotating employees in the agency to spread ideas; training employees onRead… Read more »

January 28 Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Cloud tops CIO agenda (01/21/2011) – Gartner survey finds cloud computing the top technology priority for CIOs in 2011. 43% of respondents expect to migrate to cloud-based IT platforms within the next two years. Internet as a platform for collective action (01/18/2011) – PEW report finds internet users more likely to be activeRead… Read more »

January 10 Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Open Government Data Benchmark Study (12/01/2010) – Socrata survey reveals state of open data from the perspective of the public, government and developers. Nearly half of agencies surveyed are already publishing data. Smartphone use growing (01/06/2011) – Nielson study confirms TV is still used by most Americans to obtain news content, but mobileRead… Read more »

December 17 Research and Best Practices e-Newsletter

Research Web 2.0 finds its payday (12/10/2010) – McKinsey survey of 3,249 executives finds companies using the Web intensively gain greater market share and higher margins. Majority of respondents using the Web say their companies enjoy measurable business benefits such as increased speed of access to knowledge, reduced communications costs, and increased customer satisfaction.… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research OMB plans transformational IT reform (12/09/2010) – 25-point plan requires all major technology programs have a dedicated, full-time, experienced program manager. Plan also includes closing 800 data centers by using cloud technology, and making it easier for the federal government to work with start-ups. Australia releases Gov 2.0 primer (12/2010) – How-to guideRead… Read more »

Weekly Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Digital by default proposed for government services (10/14/2010) – UK Report shows digital technologies can be default solution for providing government services. Recommends syndicating information and services to other organizations and making all government transactional services available through UK government portal Directgov. Public Sector Digital IQ (11/23/2010) – Asessment and ranking of digitalRead… Read more »