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Case Studies on Smart Communities

During GovLoop’s May 21 online training, Become A Smart Community Using Tools You Have, But Probably Don’t Know About, Esri’s Director of Government Markets, Christopher Thomas, and Hub Program Manager, Brenda Wolfe, demonstrated how geospatial technology enhances efficiency across the public sector. GIS apps on the ArcGIS platform are immediately deployable and easily configured forRead… Read more »

Get rid of pesky details: Story Mapping

At last night’s GovLoop Esri Meet Up: Maps Bring Your Story to Life, GIS lovers gathered to learn about and discuss one of Esri’s most successful applications- Story Maps! The event began with presentations from Esri workers, a real story map user at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and a story map expertRead… Read more »

Every community can be a smart community

Esri knows that government is always looking for ways to create better public service. By using smart, responsive tools, local governments are more effectively performing everyday tasks for their citizens. Applied geography through Esri’s ArcGIS platform has proven to help governments create smart communities. With the utilization of all ArcGIS has to offer, cities and towns across theRead… Read more »

You Can Be a Conflict Manager!

Conversations in the workplace are often fickle, especially when conflict arises. Are you speaking professionally enough? Are you correctly deciphering the source of conflict? Most importantly, are you going to reach an effective outcome? Answers to these common questions were explored Wednesday, May 13th during GovLoop’s webinar, Critical Conversations: Communicating Up, Down and Sideways. HumanRead… Read more »

Esri’s Story Map Contest!

Storytelling is a fundamental part of our culture. Through images and narrative, any story has the ability to captivate an audience. Esri took this concept and elevated it to another level through ArcGIS Story Maps. Story maps combine interactive and multimedia components to fully engage audiences in their map’s content. Government agencies across the worldRead… Read more »

Esri Will Never Die

Esri is a company that has stood the test of time. Husband and wife co-founders Jack and Laura Dangermond have worked their entire life to build a geospatial empire. Esri is currently used by over 350,000 businesses, NGOs and government agencies. And every day 150 million new maps are made around the world using theirRead… Read more »

“No One Patches A Light Bulb”

57% attendees at our webinar, Staying Secure and Connected: The Power of IoE, on Thursday said they didn’t know the different between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. This isn’t surprising. I didn’t completely know the difference, but now I do. Our speakers Tom Millar, Chief of Communications at the US Computer EmergencyRead… Read more »

Gettin’ Jiggy With The Cloud (Back It Up)

NetApp SteelStore is a cloud integrated storage appliance that has changed the way governments are able to send backup and archive data to cloud. One of the greatest threats to government entities is data breach or loss. NetApp’s SteelStore boosts data recovery, cuts costs, and most importantly eliminates risks. Govloop’s “The Key to Unlocking CloudRead… Read more »