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Meet GovLoop’s Dynamic Duo of Virtual Training

As part of today’s Government Innovator’s Virtual Summit, GovLoop President and Founder Steve Ressler and GovLoop Vice President of Learning and Development Andrew Krzmarzick sat down for a Q&A to answer all your virtual training questions. Q. How did GovLoop get started in virtual training?  Steve: More than six year ago, GovLoop started out with the visionRead… Read more »

Cyber Trends & Strategies You Need To Know

Cybersecurity is an inescapable and urgent priority for everyone. No matter what sector you’re in or what device you’re using, securing your information and network is critical. To help keep you in the cyber loop, GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit hosted the session: Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies You Need To Know. During thisRead… Read more »

Can My Legacy System Chat With Your Legacy System?

“Let’s make this an obsolete question [of big data],” exclaimed Stephen Goldsmith, both a Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Director of the Innovations of the American Government Program. Because honestly, why shouldn’t our legacy systems get to talk to one another? Frustrations chatted in theRead… Read more »

What Vince Lombardi Can Teach Us About Agile

If you’re a diehard Vince Lombardi fan, then you know about the power sweep. This bread-and-butter play is legendary, but not for the reasons one may think. It isn’t flashy or complicated. It’s a simple play that Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers executed routinely and ruthlessly. “It didn’t have to be flashy” because it was aRead… Read more »

IoE: Big Data Is The Air We Breathe

Technology is, literally, the air we live and breathe. Data is now collected in every interaction, from traffic monitoring, to your water bill, to your sleep patterns, to your preferences at the grocery store. But what does this mean for government efficiency? All of this newly collectible big data provides the opportunity for government toRead… Read more »

8 Important Career Tips from GovLoop’s Founder

As part of today’s Government Innovator’s Virtual Summit, we heard from GovLoop President and Founder Steve Ressler has he conducted a career advice live chat for audience members. Ressler gave us a variety of awesome career tips — below are eight questions the audience asked, and Ressler’s advice. #1: What’s your best networking tip? Ressler saidRead… Read more »

The Hurdles to Success in Government

To kick off today’s Government Innovator’s Virtual Summit, we heard from Peter H. Schuck, author of Why Government Fails So Often: And How it Can Do Better and the Simeon E. Baldwin Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale Law School. He gave us a wake up call about why it is so important to keep learning and innovating in government.Read… Read more »

Join GovLoop’s Government Innovators Virtual Summit — Today!

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is helping you piece together the government tech puzzle. Join us today, April 22nd, from 10:00AM/7AM PT to 5PM/2PM PT to get real tips to tackle some of government’s biggest challenges. We know turning your data into meaningful information can lead to big changes, but how do you actually make senseRead… Read more »