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Citizens See Crime Minute-By-Minute

Citizens across the country are increasingly seeing more of their governments utilize open data to develop interactive GIS platforms as the needs to citizens evolve. These platforms, built by Esri, have been successful in helping local governments enhance public engagement with open data to create better public service. Popular platforms such as Open Data MinneapolisRead… Read more »

Investing in the Future of Young Professionals

Geographic information systems (GIS) technology is becoming increasingly significant in the policy formation process across the globe. This fact is even more relevant for young government workers that are eager to impress their supervisors with innovative thinking and the development of new analytical tools. If you are one of those ambitious young people looking forRead… Read more »

A History of the Happy Hour

Washington D.C. is home to our world’s most influential leaders, is a mecca for dedicated (yet low-paid) interns, and is the largest funnel for innovative policy. After 8 AM, most DC professionals are working hard to finish their daily tasks so they can escape by 5 PM to the nearest drinking hole. And no, thisRead… Read more »