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Are you a Gov 2.0 activist?

Australia’s Government Chief Information Officer, Ann Steward, urged civil servants to become Gov 2.0 activists at the FutureGov Forum Australia yesterday (Tuesday 27th July). She also had strong words for government agencies on the accessibility of their online services. From Asia/Pacific FutureGov.

All very true and great stuff Ann. To get Gov 2.0 happening on the ground, give citizens confidence and ensure we do not end up with a ‘Gov 2.0 Club’ each and every public servant needs to show initiative and leaders need lead in different way.
Fundamentally, this is about custom, practice and, in some areas, mindset. It is not about the technology – and vague notions such as organisational culture really do not help either.
The APS has great people so the challenge is to liberate the capability that gives us. We can all be activists in some way.
What does your agency (and its’ leaders) need to do to empower you to do good for citizens and your agency?

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