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Entrepreneurial Thinking in Government

The nature of the public service is changing, and the old ways are not coming back. The future of public administration is transformation – and it’s high time we started supporting public servants to scuttle the old systems that keep governments entrenched in non-value-added work.

10 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Be Familiar With

Skillful entrepreneurs are always entering unknown territories and learning new ways to better their understanding and further their resources. While there are business degrees to be earned, nothing teaches the entrepreneurial spirit. There is no textbook to guide you on how to navigate the ins and outs of every resource available to businesses today. With… Read more »

Can Government service be as ‘sexy’ as the startup?

Photo credit: Luis Gomez Photos Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting two young entrepreneurs–the co-founders of the super-hip, new event crowdfunding startup, EventStir. Afghani-born Sajad explained to me how he met his business partner Andrew, at Startup Weekend DC. The event is a 54-hour race against the clock to launch a business in oneRead… Read more »

Why Civic (Startup)?

Last week, Good Magazine featured the launch of our Civic Startup Accelerator, which prompted a bunch of tweets — mostly supportive, some curious, but one however caught my eye: Peace Corps meets VC meets Silicon Valley. But why not just work for a startup? — Chase Adam (@ChaseAdam17) May 12, 2012 Basically it’s theRead… Read more »

Entreprelooza! A Celebration of DC Area Entrepreneurship

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — Startup DC in partnership with Startup America and Microsoft has announced Entreprelooza! is occuring on Tuesday, March 6th at what was previously a Borders bookstore on 18th and L St. NW in Washington, DC. It will be a 70,000 square foot celebration of all things geeky, startup, and entrepreneurial inRead… Read more » launches business community, adds more open data

Just after midnight last night, here on the East Coast, a new part of went live. Politico’s @MorningTech reported this morning that around 200 new datasets were released to the public. At present, I’m seeing 120 datasets, most of which relate to the agricultural industry, census data or import/exports: US CIO +Steven VanRoekelRead… Read more »