Market Connections and AOL Government Study Shows that Feds See Great Potential in Mobility but Warn of Inadequate Investment

Market Connections and AOL Government just released a report that shows how federal managers see a significant potential for mobile technologies to improve productivity and saving taxpayer dollars. However, respondents to the study expressed concerns that current investments are inadequate to achieve much of that potential.

The findings were based on an extensive survey commissioned of 300 federal managers involved with agency mobile technology strategy, policy, purchasing, design, deployment initiatives, or support.

Here’s one key stat from the research that stood out for us:

  • (49%) of federal managers surveyed said “government employees like themselves” could redeploy at least 7 hours per week toward more productive work if fully enabled to work mobily; 19% said they could redeploy more than 12 hours per week.

This makes us ask a key question: How many hours could you save a week if fully enabled to work mobily?

Stay tuned for more coverage about the results of this study. In the meantime, be sure to check out more from AOL Government here.

In addition, be sure to check out more from the FedConnects blog here.

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