The Best Sequester “Grand Bargain”: National Historic Landmarks Photo Calendar 50% Off

With all the Federal Government bashing going on in the press and social media, it’s a good time to remember all the valuable things the Government does for its citizens. One of the best and most widely valued of these is caring for our national parks.

Every year the National Park Service holds a photo contest by citizens of the best photos of National Historic Landmarks across the country. The result is a stunning, full-color National Historic Landmarks Event Planner / Wall Calendar printed by our folks at the Government Printing Office. One forgets the breadth and depth of national treasures we have- that all need Government employees to protect and preserve for all of us to enjoy. This serves as an inspiring reminder. Just imagine: you can be patriotic and show off some of what Government does for everyone while enjoying the breathtaking imagery the entire year!

And, it’s now on sale for half price — only $6.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING — at GPO’s U.S. Government Bookstore!! How’s that for a sequester “grand bargain”? 😉

You can buy it at

Below is the front and back of the calendar, and some selected winning photos from inside:

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