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Selling a Generative AI Project Internally to Government Leaders: A Strategic Approach

While generative AI (GenAI) presents a unique opportunity to streamline operations and improve citizen engagement, it’s not a mature technology. How can you overcome internal skepticism and help your leaders consider a practical GenAI project?

Training Evaluation: The Best Ways to Assess Success

You know how somebody with a hammer sees everything as a nail? After a dozen years measuring and assessing the impact of workforce training, I now have a hard time not seeing things from the perspective of the training evaluation models I use in my day-to-day work. When a situation arises that involves some sort… Read more »

Creating Engaging Training Videos That Will Still Be Useful in 5 Years

Since entering the public sector 10 months ago, I’ve been exposed to a wide swath of education materials used for training employees and getting the word out about new programs and services. I’ve been impressed with the creative ways videos have been used for ads and informational videos, but there is a severe lack ofRead… Read more »

10 Steps to Measuring Social Media ROI

Last week I was able to present at the Obtaining Value and Insight With Social Medial Analysis event hosted by IBM Analytics Solution Center. The abstract for the event was: The internet is in a second wave of innovation. At the turn of the millennium, we saw a technology-driven, website-centric new-world-order. We are now partRead… Read more »

FOSE 2011, plus ECM’s Benefits To Your Agency

Last week as I walked the exhibition hall at FOSE 2011, I was amazed at how much innovation is aimed at making our United States Government (the greatest in the world) even better. I had some great conversations with government employees, consultants, and vendors who are trying hard to make agencies more efficient, more effective-inRead… Read more »

A solution to “not enough time”

Rachael Happe, groundbreaking co-founder of The Community Roundtable, has just written an incredibly important post entitled, Communities – The New Strategic Imperative. I urge you to read and consider it. Some managers and executives I know have expressed what I’ll characterize as desperation at the speed at which things are running, and the fact thatRead… Read more »