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Would appreciate suggestions on what gov 2.0 topics you want to learn more about

Hi GovLoopers 🙂 I am strongly considering submitting a speaking proposal to The National Association of Government Webmasters for their upcoming conference. While there are various subjects I could pitch and speak to, would like to know what suggestions you have on perhaps what topics you believe are most helpful to learn more about.

Out of the 12+ or so topics NAGW wants speakers to focus on, the list below are of topics I feel most comfortable speaking about. I would really like your input as to what **specifically about each topic** listed below might be something you’d want to learn more of if you were an attendee:

* Social Software (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
* Redesign 101
* E-mail list services
* Project Management and the RFP Process
* No-Cost/Low Cost Content Management
* Budget Crunch – Getting creative with no budget

Any ideas, suggestions and guidance from GovLoopers … who are in the trenches of gov IT/gov 2.0 every day … would be beyond fabulous.


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Joe Flood

No cost/low cost content management seems like a good topic, given how large and complex many government web sites have become.

Alice M. Fisher

Here are a few of my thoughts for topics:

Gov 2.0 Policy (ies)
Gov 2.0 Policy Drivers/Needs
Gov 2.0 Policy Makers ( The A List of Gov 2.0 Policy Makers)
Time Frames to Enact Gov 2.0 in Organzations/Agencies
Gov 2.0 BPR
Does Gov 2.0 Fit within the old 1958 SDLCM Process Model?
Newly Defined Gov 2.0 Process Models
Gov 2.0 News Rooms
Gov 2.0 Citizen Participation Strategies

Alice Fisher

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

holy corn chips. ok these are uber-fab comments and ideas. the goal of course is to present a topic that perhaps you yourself would definitely want to learn more about. your input, which means the world to me, will help me tailor my pitch. GovLoopers rock! thx a ton!!

Alice M. Fisher

LOL, Can Holy Corn Chips be a topic of Discussion as well??? I Love it!
To bring early adapters in, I humbly think a communications education/awareness building
outreach campaign would be useful to target sectors, markets,and groups
as well as building a Dot 2.0 Newbies Discussion Group which offers a FAQ, Video and other resources on
how to get past the Holy Corn Chips phase! ( insert attempt at making a funny)

Alice M. Fisher-
I am providing a portable a url link
of my updated resume, http://tinyurl.com/dbd5d5

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

You peeps are killing me with the holy corn chips LOL. You all have given me much to “chew” on here (pun intended). I am going to think on this some more … may get back to you with maybe 2-3 possible choices for my pitch and then hopefully get your blessing 🙂 … I feel the input collected here will be key in making my pitch to NAGW and for all your insight and time shared here with me today, I am grateful! Thx so much and I will be back with updates soon.