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Like Jekyll and Hyde – Do You Have A Secret Side?

Jekyll and Hyde are often cited as the textbook description of split personality disorder – the nice Dr. Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. And while most people don’t have a secret evil side as disparate as the character’s penned by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, most people do have a hidden side. More often than not thoughRead… Read more »

New Zealand’s What We Did Right

In earlier blog posts, I mentioned, which is the New Zealand Government’s flagship website. The new website was launched in July 2014 but things didn’t actually stop there. That requires a little explanation: we launched a minimal viable product or MVP. If you Google that term, you’ll get either a definition that includes return-on-investmentRead… Read more »

Redesigned Website Launched

This week launched a redesign of their website. I am really impressed with how the site looks and the improved user experience. I visit fairly often, either researching information or checking to see if there are any new updates. What I love is how easy it is now to find information, the documentRead… Read more »

Navigating the New GovLoop Redesign

If you have been on GovLoop recently (or even if you haven’t), you have probably noticed a few changes around the site. We appreciated your patience as we rolled out the seven new community pages last week, but the fun doesn’t end there! In addition to the launch of the newly focused GovLoop community pages,Read… Read more »

The Most Important Change in Twitter’s Homepage Redesign

A few weeks ago, Twitter redesigned its homepage, going from to One of the biggest elements they removed was Trending Topics. This was a feature that was front and center in Twitter’s second redesign, showing what was popular by the minute, day or week. Then in the third redesign, Trending Topics shrunk to a small,Read… Read more »

Lessons learnt from local council website redesign by Kevin Brewer from Derby City Council

Last year, I started a group exclusively for local govvies on Huddle called LocalGovWebStars with some help from a good local gov buddy of mine, Ken Eastwood (Assistant Director at Barnsley MBC and founder of to talk about website redesign projects in local gov. The group resulted in some very interesting discussions and tips.Read… Read more »