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Understanding the Continuing Resolution

Confused and befuddled by the debate over the FY 2011 Continuing Resolution? Here’s a good overview of what it all means. My colleague, Carl Moravitz, used to be the budget director for several major federal agencies. He pulled together a brief slide deck explaining what the Continuing Resolution means. Agencies face significant uncertainty, and itRead… Read more »

Changes in 2011

My son announced last week that he was moving out on his own. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me; he’s 21 years old, he just finished up his Culinary certificate program and has a job and he’s itching to be on his own and “all grown-up” (weren’t we all at 21?). He’s moving intoRead… Read more »

A Few Gov 2.0 Thoughts As We Greet 2011

I’m not big on resolutions, roundups and predictions, but I have been tweeting a bit about Gov 2.0 in 2011 and a great back and forth today with our movement’s scribe, Alex Howard, teased out a few of my thoughts in greater detail. My reflections for 2011 are more of a sentiment than any concreteRead… Read more »

For a View of 2011, Watch These People

FedinsiderTrying to change the government is like running up a hill that gradually gets steeper. The going gets more difficult and eventually you tire out. Two years since President Obama was inaugurated, his team managing the government itself has been stable. And it enters 2011 still having pretty good momentum. The one big change wasRead… Read more »