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Celebrating 365 Days of Women in Government

Happy Anniversary!  About this time last year, I was sitting in a meeting with other GovLoop staffers thinking through ways we could better serve our audience of over 200,000 public servants. We talked about what challenges they face and how we could help them overcome barriers. We talked about what govies wanted from public service and how we could achieve whateverRead… Read more »

Are we more or less Safe? By Joshua Jacobs

In the days leading up to 10 years since 9/11 an interesting study published by the Federal Signal indicates that many Americans feel insecure and less safe than they did in 2001. The 2011 edition of its annual survey lists a staggering 64-percent of Americans ages 18-24 responding negatively to the question of, “Ten yearsRead… Read more »

Happy Birthday, ACUS Chairman! Oh the places we’ll go!

Paul R. Verkuil, the tenth Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States, was sworn in by Vice President Biden on April 6, 2010. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the President Emeritus of the College of William & Mary and former Dean of the Tulane and Cardozo Law Schools’ appointment to lead theRead… Read more »

A Belated GovLoop Anniversary

Life moves fast and often it’s easy to miss anniversaries and birthdays. I’ve had a couple big ones recently and thought I’d step back and honor them. Last week was my 30th bday which I blogged about September 28th marked my 1-year anniversary of working on GovLoop full-time. On that date, GovLoop became a subsidiaryRead… Read more »

Yes It Rocked – Recapping The Awesome GovLoop Anniversary Parties

It’s Saturday and I’m recovering from a fantastic week. Quite superb. This week was GovLoop’s 1-year anniversary and I’ve been thinking for awhile how to mark the occasion. Well things started to come together in a number of awesome ways. On Tuesday in San Francisco, GovLoop teamed up with Gov 2.0 Club San Francisco toRead… Read more »