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How to Make Your Government Smarter and More Sustainable

By now most local governments are familiar with and are working towards implementing smart cities programs. However, some cities are taking it one step further and are transforming their community in a sustainable way. Check out how you can utilize sustainable innovation in your local government.

Cycling for the Public Good

The next time you ride your bicycle around town, you may be providing a public service. Wired magazine recently posted an article about the use of private sector data to power public sector service delivery improvements. According to the piece, the Oregon Department of Transportation is buying data from the cycling and running social mediaRead… Read more »

Federal Government Reform Resources: Memos to National Leaders

President Obama said in his first post-election press conference that he was going to ask Governor Romney’s advice on government reform. There has been a lot of advice developed in recent months! Here are some potential resources for them to draw upon. If President Obama meets with Governor Romney to discuss ways to reform theRead… Read more »

Happy Birthday, ACUS Chairman! Oh the places we’ll go!

Paul R. Verkuil, the tenth Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States, was sworn in by Vice President Biden on April 6, 2010. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the President Emeritus of the College of William & Mary and former Dean of the Tulane and Cardozo Law Schools’ appointment to lead theRead… Read more »

Public-Private Partnership Method Helps Save Local Government Money and Jobs (WEBINAR)

ATTEND THIS WEBINAR: P3 Method Helps Government Agencies Save (Earn 1 CLP Credit) $25 registration The Acquisition Institute Inc., Link – (CLICK HERE) DATE: 1 DEC 1PM EST. (1-2PM) REGISTER AT: and for more info go to read about TBC at: under TBC Method EARN CREDIT: All attendees (even listeners) will earnRead… Read more »

Towards a broader concept of public-private partnerships:

Public-private partnerships (PPP)is a hot topic now as government at all levels redouble efforts to find practical and affordable solutions to society’s many pressing social and community problems. PPPs seem to represent a relatively painless way to share the effort, leverage resources and provide win-win situations. And there is concrete progress. For example the Obama’sRead… Read more »