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Increase in world leaders tweeting mean an increase in open government?

Just after the new year, the Washington Post advertised a recent study showing that an increasing amount of world leaders are taking to Twitter to increase their reach to nationals, 140 characters at a time. While this new report from the Digital Policy Council does show a significant upward trend in the number of leadersRead… Read more »

Curbing Future Terrorists with Online Engagement

Over the weekend, Politico published an opinion article on how the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC) within the State Department uses social media and web forums to engage with potential radical groups to help influence them against violence or becoming a part of terrorist organizations. Unlike commercial marketing teams that use social media toRead… Read more »

Citizen Disaster Preparedness Extremely Low

A recent article on Emergency Management Magazine’s website stated, “Surveys consistently indicate that less than 10 percent of the public is considered prepared for a disaster and that percentage is usually closer to 6 percent.” The article deems current strategies to prepare the public for emergencies as inadequate, stating that the threat-based message is deliveredRead… Read more »