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Resume Whitening

Hiring for cultural fit just hit a new high — or maybe a new low — when a University of Toronto study was released that indicated that 40% of people of color job candidates “whiten” their resumes by using more English sounding names and removing language that identifies them with their subordinate racial group. HereRead… Read more »

The Politics of Bias

In the 2012 race for the White House, Republican nominee, Mitt Romney’s primary support came from White voters at 88%. Only 12% of Romney voters were people of color. His opponent and ultimate winner of the 2012 Presidency, Barack Obama was swept into the White House with voters who were 56% White and 44% peopleRead… Read more »

Hiring Shame on Age?

As Baby Boomers are retiring (or so we thought) younger and younger Americans right out of colleges are occupying the spaces of an older worker. Employers might assume you’re close to retirement and don’t need that promotion, but that’s far from true for most Americans. They might also assume that older employees will miss moreRead… Read more »

10 Ways People Are Biased

College professors regardless of race, ethnicity or gender are more inclined to respond to inquiries from White Males. On December 10, 2014, the University of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School released a report that studied 6,500 professors in US universities from 89 disciplines and 259 institutions. These professors were contacted by fictitious male and female students seekingRead… Read more »