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12 Ideas for Surfacing Top Talent With Social Media

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of presenting for the ACT-IAC Human Capital Special Interest Group. My working title was “Surfacing Top Talent with Social Media.” I built on a previous slide deck, adding 6 examples of agencies and people using social media as part of the recruitment and hiring process. I’ll let the slidesRead… Read more »

You’ve got Tim O’Reilly and Gov 2.0 in a Room …

What do you want to know? Steve Ressler of GovLoop and Steve Lunceford of GovTwit and BearingPoint in conversation with the founder of O’Reilly Media and the voice of Web 2.0. He’s crashing DC in September with the Gov 2.0 Summit, and we’re talking to him Sunday, 2 p.m., on BlogTalkRadio. I’m down with O’Reilly’sRead… Read more »

New Worldwide Gov 2.0 Live Radio Show with BlogTalkRadio

from – In preparation for a new Government 2.0 podcast I’m planning with Steve Ressler, Steve Lunceford, the FutureGov team, Ari Herzog and Meghan Harvey, producer (live demo Monday at 8 p.m. PST – please tune/call in), I was able to grab some time with BlogTalkRadio’s Amy Domestico to get her thoughts on effectiveRead… Read more »