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9 Tips To Ace That Virtual Interview

More hiring departments are turning to video interviews as a way to manage their time and get a better sense for a candidate than a simple phone interview can provide. Applications like FaceTime, Skype, and Google+ Hangouts make video interviews free and easy, and the ability to interview from the comfort of your home makesRead… Read more »

Tips for Skype Interview Success

Today’s job search has gone high-tech. From career networking online to using social media to build your online brand, being web savvy is to every job seeker’s advantage. One phenomenon of the Internet age is the Skype interview. An increasing number of recruiters are using online web interviews to screen candidates and conduct initial interviews.Read… Read more »

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

As the cost of travel rises and Skype is becoming more and more commonly used, people are increasingly having long-distance interviews via Skype. An in-person interview is still probably preferable, but if your prospective employer can’t reimburse your travel costs, you are still at least able to be seriously under consideration if you can interviewRead… Read more »

Community 2.0 Web Hero ends isolation for elderly

I have been working closely with Kingston City Council since last year, assisting them in implementing Web 2.0, social media and mobile technologies to improve collaboration internally, to cut costs and to engage and communicate more clearly with residents and local businesses. It is through this program that I met Belinda McDaid. Belinda McDaid managesRead… Read more »

Geeking Out With Gavin: Staying Connected Despite Being Down Under

In a few previous posts, I’ve shared some insights from “the kid next door”…who’s not really a kid, but a super bright young man at Wake Forest who’s now spending the semester down under. Check out his latest tips for being connected from anywhere. *************************************************************************************** Hey everyone, from the other side of the world! I’mRead… Read more »

12 Ideas for Surfacing Top Talent With Social Media

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of presenting for the ACT-IAC Human Capital Special Interest Group. My working title was “Surfacing Top Talent with Social Media.” I built on a previous slide deck, adding 6 examples of agencies and people using social media as part of the recruitment and hiring process. I’ll let the slidesRead… Read more »

Emotion, Skype and Customer Service

Sterling is an Acquisition Freak and writes a blog called AllThingsSterling. I was reading a few articles on customer service this morning and something came to me. When we’re removed from our customers say through email or Twitter, it’s easy to dismiss them. This is because emotion and urgency don’t always translate through writing. EmotionsRead… Read more »

Hiring Reform: Skype’s the Limit

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster By Joyce Ceconi There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for how agencies will be revamping their hiring practices after the recent Presidential mandate to make the hiring process faster and easier. This week, we want to give kudos to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for its useRead… Read more »