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Govloop – great resource for a northern neighbour

Hi folks, First, congratulations on Govloop! This is an excellent resource and I was thrilled that it was truly open to the government community at large. I serve as a Deputy Director of eCommunications at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and have had the pleasure of meeting several US counterparts andRead… Read more »

Rudeness At Our Borders, Why?

From NPR’s Morning Edition March 6, 2009 : “A Canadian man was crossing the border into Washington state when an inspector told him to turn off his car. Desiderio Fortunato replied, in effect: “Say please.” The inspector repeated his order. The Canadian still expected him to say please. The Canadian was blinded by pepper spray,Read… Read more »

Lessons from GCPedia: As tweeted at the Social Media for Government Conference in Ottawa today

This is an easy blog entry. I’ve just scanned through the Twitter stream emerging from a conference session, removing duplication, so that we sitting at our desks can reap the highlights of what was said. Let me know what you think of the concept and the format. In this session, Jeff Braybrook and Thom KearneyRead… Read more »