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Public servants: What are you broadcasting via social media?

It seems we’re regularly being served additional reminders about the way we sometimes use social messaging to our detriment, and with increasing frequency, how it is sometimes being used against us. Consider the Janine Krieber kerfuffle, where the wife of former Canadian Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion criticized the current state of the party inRead… Read more »

Call for ideas: Harvard and FutureGov research into Frontiers of Service in a Networked World

Complete our survey, tag content HKS20 (#HKS20 on Twitter), leave comments to this blog or email me by Friday 26th February to share your thoughts on the current and future use of technology in public service delivery This article has been reposted from FutureGov’s site. The initial deadline for ideas was this Friday 26th February,Read… Read more »

Project of the Week – Native Cultures 2.0

So much of the 2.0 part of the web is community in collaboration. One of the emerging questions with this technology and tools is – how does it benefit all Americans or help to reach traditionally underserved populations? What caught our attention this month is how native communities are using Web 2.0 tools to enhanceRead… Read more »

Invitation to Govloop Members : Survey Australian Gov 2.0 Open Declaration

Hi Govloop Colleagues and Friends – I’d like to invite you to take part in our survey on open government. As we ar all active in this space I think doing a survey like this makes sense. Read on. I posted some thoughts around advocacy on OZloop. Probably because while we are all advocates ofRead… Read more »

For the Canadian Federal Government…some social media catch up suggestions for 2010

Ok Canadian federal government…it is starting to look a little bleak on the social media landscape from a leadership perspective. And I certainly don’t mean that dedicated, bright, and to a certain degree brave set of leaders who have been eschewing the value of social media in government for some time now. I am talkingRead… Read more »

‘Twas the Night Before Renewal – A Crowd-Sourced Holiday Poem

Our very own (St.) Nick Charney prepared a special Gov 2.0 version of Jingle Bells to get us all in the holiday spirit. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. It’s pretty clever in and of itself…but then a commenter (@DGTweets) threw down the gauntlet and suggested we create a “Twas the Night BeforeRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Tariq Piracha

Over the last few weeks, I noticed some great content being shared by Tariq Piracha, a Content Strategist for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada, and thought it would be great to feature him as the GovLoop Member of the Week so that we can all learn a bit moreRead… Read more »

‘Common look and feel’, rationalisation and egov success

Public Sector Forums (PSF)’s Ian Cuddy reports that Worcestershire’s councils have gone with a ‘common look and feel’ policy (aka ‘standardised’). In the Twitter conversation it’s been pointed out that the common design fails some standards and a link to a policy document explaining what they’ve done in detail hasn’t yet been found (Cuddy isRead… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.21.2009

Image via Wikipedia Happy Fathers Day! Fairly light day, today. In one post, Steve Ressler sends a note from Tokyo: Many random t-shirts say Franklin and Marshall College and Ohio University; that’s random. What, no Ole Miss t-shirts??? Cordially, Caroline @WiiPigSooie Blog WiiPigSooie bashley: If #gov20 intends to empower its public, who precludes the arbitraryRead… Read more »