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Show-and-tell 2.0

[Originally posted on Online Odyssey] I recall with great fondness show-and-tell Fridays in kindergarten and grade 1. Fuzzy new slippers, a bunny, a kid sister and a bag of coconut are among those that stand out in my memory. Listening to my classmates only talk about their precious treasures would surely have instilled in meRead… Read more »

Bureaucracy 2.0 – make sure your team is ready to stand and deliver

I have long subscribed to the belief that our initiatives in the online communication world will eventually change the way the government functions. From our internal capacity to support a robust online environment to providing public servants with the general understanding and toolkit of web tools that can make them more effective, more than anyRead… Read more »

What are you doing? or What could you be doing?

Twitter – often and easily dismissed because of the question “What are you doing?” When I was first encouraged to dabble with Twitter, that question alone created a sense of skepticism as it immediately conjured thoughts of the mundane and idle. What could I be doing? A question, that if more people wondered, asked andRead… Read more »

Government Web Conference

I vow not to miss next years Gov’t Web conference (on now at GWU). In the interest of opengov, I’d be happy to be a rep from Canada! Following the session #Govwebcon on Twitter – congrats on a tremendous event. M.

Real. Simple. Social. Enabling fellow public servants in a push for improved online presence and engagement.

Ironically my division at work used to have the acronym RSS. Confusing for a web management division. A change of acronyms later, and I am still holding onto my own RSS principle. Real. Simple. Social. More and more often I am being called upon to provide small groups in the policy and advocacy streams withRead… Read more »

Govloop – great resource for a northern neighbour

Hi folks, First, congratulations on Govloop! This is an excellent resource and I was thrilled that it was truly open to the government community at large. I serve as a Deputy Director of eCommunications at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and have had the pleasure of meeting several US counterparts andRead… Read more »