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2010 Census: The Millions of Details

Originally published on The Director’s Blog I am continually impressed with the number of simultaneously moving parts in the big machine that is the 2010 Census. There are few organizations preparing to have a once-in-a-decade contact within a very short period of time with over 130 million households in the country. We have a massiveRead… Read more »

2010 Census: The Next Reminder

Originally published on the The Director’s Blog The 2010 Census forms are being delivered by the US Postal Service Monday-Wednesday or so throughout the country. This will be the second mailing to about 120 million households from the Census Bureau. We sent last week an advance letter, which is state-of-the-art practice in survey research. TheRead… Read more »

Why Aren’t We Conducting the Census 2010 Online?

Have you seen this great interview with Census CIO Brian McGrath in Federal Computer Week? If you’re wondering why the Census is not incorporating more technology into its activities, the interview will respond to your questions and concerns. In particular, I had been curious to understand why we aren’t completing our Census forms via anRead… Read more »

Picking and Choosing…. Our titles.

So now that the Census campaign is out there, the real discussions have begun. Many people, organizations, and media companies have critical eyes on the Census advertising campaign, its advertisers, & the even the process in which the data is collected. But one topic that has and will probably always dominate “water cooler” conversations aboutRead… Read more »