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Federal Hybrid Work Environments Require a New Approach for Secure Collaboration

While the movement for the federal workforce to return to office continues, agencies must have a collaboration infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, interoperating, resilient and secure to ensure strategic mission readiness.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Government Through Collaboration

A government that works together serves its people better. Yet, interdepartmental collaboration can be difficult to foster and maintain. How can departments align their objectives and start working together?

Best Collaboration Tools for Project Teams

By Latesha Goodman, Acquisition Analyst Imagine you’re an analyst who has recently joined a project team. Your job duties include generating large, complex program documents on tight deadlines. Producing poor quality deliverables will put your stakeholder’s schedule and budget at risk. You know accomplishing this task will require the input of various team members, manyRead… Read more »