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9 Valentine’s Cards for the Love of Your Life in Government

#GovLove is spreading this week. Send your co-worker the punny valentine of your dreams. Love and government make strange bedfellows. What if the object of your infatuation happens to work for the government? These Valentine’s Day cards can help you win their love. There’s a lot of variety in these Valentine’s Day cards — you can find one justRead… Read more »

Perception is Reality: Alternate Realities Do Exist

You’ve heard the adage: Perception Is Reality. Well, I’m here to tell you that it rings true outside of sci-fi and super-hero realms in the comic books. It exists in virtually every agency. Every business. And, in every relationship. Following are some common situations where this comes into play. What you need to realize andRead… Read more »


Don’t know the acronym?  I’m betting you’ve used the phrase at some point in your life during a vent.  I don’t think I’ve used it when talking to the person I want to say it to, but generally when describing the conversation later or simply rehashing it in my own mind.  For example – Co-worker isRead… Read more »

Just Who IS Your Tribe?

There are some colleagues you just love to spend time with – and others that can take you from “okay” to “I’m-going-to-stab-MYSELF-with-a-pencil-to-make-you-go-away” after five minutes! What’s the difference? The first person is your tribe – the type of person you enjoy spending time with, who feeds who you are as a person, who has valuesRead… Read more »

How to Have a Tough Work Conversation

Have you been putting off a tough conversation? Stewing about it? Losing sleep over it for days? (I’ve got one coming up that I’ve been dreading!) We tend to put off difficult conversations, whether we’re needing to confront a coworker, ask a boss for a raise, bring up behavioral issues with a subordinate, or discussRead… Read more »

How to Sail Through Probation Without a Glitch

By Lily Whiteman, author of “How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job”; speaker on career issues; Twitter: @Lilymwhiteman Congratulations! You’ve just accepted a coveted federal job. Time to celebrate. But you might want to wait to pull out all the stops until after you finish probation—when your job security will substantially increase. After all, throughoutRead… Read more »