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MCS, ‘Canaries’, and the Workplace: What They Might Mean To You

Confession time! I’m a canary, of sorts. No, I do not sing like one. (In fact, during school assemblies, I was told to lip-sync, for the sake of everyone present!) — Like an estimated 15% of Americans, I am highly sensitive to many common chemicals found in offices, homes, and retail establishments. – Why amRead… Read more »

A Baker’s Dozen of Tips for a Successful Job Training Program

Jobs! Training! Jobs! Training! Jobs! I don’t know about you, but those words have remained on front pages, home pages, TV lead stories, and in government press releases, long after the Great Recession (supposedly) ended. And, so much money and resources have been expended in this area, that you might have thought the government effortsRead… Read more »

Workplace Violence/Harassment Policies

Better To Be Prepared… Than Being Accused of Not Being Responsive To… “Shhh… ! We don’t discuss this here. Besides, it will never happen..” What am I alluding to, here? Workplace Violence. Even though we are all familiar with the phrase “going postal,” does your agency have a formal, up-to-date, policy regarding this type of situation? How aboutRead… Read more »

The ‘No-Brainers’ That Trainers Often Forget

You not only have great communication skills, you’ve trained employees before. So training those in other agencies/organizations is really no big deal. Right? Well, I’m here to tell you that there are many pitfalls to avoid and tips for success. What makes me qualified to offer you this advice? I’ve designed dozens of training sessionsRead… Read more »

Get Wet! Cause Some Waves! (Or Not… )

Over the course of many decades of governmental work, as well as employment in the private sector and non-profit scene, I have witnessed first-hand and heard, second-hand, of the inherent dangers of saying something that is either unpleasant, reveals corruption, or otherwise is unpopular with the current ‘Powers-That-Be’. All of which leaves someone wondering whetherRead… Read more »

Perception is Reality: Alternate Realities Do Exist

You’ve heard the adage: Perception Is Reality. Well, I’m here to tell you that it rings true outside of sci-fi and super-hero realms in the comic books. It exists in virtually every agency. Every business. And, in every relationship. Following are some common situations where this comes into play. What you need to realize andRead… Read more »