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Improving In-Person Communication In The Digital Age

How many ways do you interact with your coworkers during the day? Email, instant messenger, phone calls, texts, passive aggressive notes in the kitchen – chances are you use most of these every day. (Though hopefully not the passive aggressive notes!) Technology has gives us more and more tools to communicate with our coworkers without speakingRead… Read more »

The #1 Secret Tool for Working Better with Anyone

Somedays, don’t you just wish you had a magic wand that would make everything better with the people you work with? A magic formula, a secret potion that would make the work go better, and your working relationships run smoother? Guess what?  There is! One of the simplest yet most effective practices to improve yourRead… Read more »

4 Steps to Work Better with Your Coworkers (No Matter How Unreasonable They Might Seem)

It seems like an easy enough task, right?  Getting along with your co-workers. But they’ve got a few little teeny, tiny annoying habits. Or maybe, instead, it’s a giant ego.  What can you do when your co-workers drive you crazy? Good working relationships take more than luck While you may have lucked out in yourRead… Read more »

Employee Perceptions: Heroes, Villains and Martyrs

In today’s inter-generational work environment, some people in the diverse workforce approach their daily routine differently. For example, some of staffers may show great initiative while others simply wait for assignments to come to them. Still others avoid taking risks maybe out of concern that their ideas may not yield the desired results. Often employees areRead… Read more »

The 7 Types of People Who Work in Government

There are a lot of stereotypes about people who work in government. Meet real government employees though and you quickly realize that most of the negative stereotypes are unfair. No matter where in government you work, and whether it’s at the local, regional, or national level, chances are that you’ve got coworkers that fit one ofRead… Read more »

3 Non-Defensive Tricks For Dealing With Tricky Coworkers

When I got my first career-path job after college, there was a lot I didn’t know about working in an office full of people who came from different backgrounds. I’d just moved to California and my New York communication style could come off as brash and blunt. I was often defensive and I unintentionally put people on the defensive.Read… Read more »

How To Deal With Common Coworker Conflicts

Whether it’s a simple tiff over dishes in the sink or a productivity-scuttling battle over who has authority over a project, coworker conflicts can contribute massively to office stress. As with any relationship, conflicts will pop up over time – over miscommunications, misunderstood expectations, personality differences, and a host of other little things. They’re inevitable, butRead… Read more »