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Protecting Your Identity – Tips for the Travelling Fed

Goal: Protect your identity at home and on the road. How To Protect Your Identity: 1. Photocopy the front and back of every card in your wallet. Keep these copies someplace safe at home. 2. When travelling, remove everything except your driver’s license, regular credit or debit card and one backup for emergencies. 3. RemoveRead… Read more »

GSA Employees Take Note

Security Breach of Employee Data at GSA By Brian Kalish 11/08/10 12:44 pm ET An employee at the General Services Administration accidentally sent the names and Social Security numbers of the agency’s staff to a private e-mail address, The New York Times reported on Saturday. GSA, which employs more than 12,000 people, is going toRead… Read more »

Tax Credit for Adding Staff — The Answer to Job Creation?

Looks like there’s been talk again in the last couple of weeks to implement a strategy used by the Carter administration in the late 1970’s — offer employers a tax credit for each full-time hire they make! Evidently there’s more than one proposal which are getting bipartisan support in Congress. Probably due to the factRead… Read more »