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Hoo-ah: How the US Army Has Become a Social Media Leader

Over the past several years, the US Army has developed an exemplary program in exploiting numerous social media methods, and done so without a lot of flash, expense, or personnel. They have an engaged audience, numerous followers, and maintained a multi-pronged campaign into all of the major social media networks, including recent beach-heads in PinterestRead… Read more »

Think Like a Banker, Extending credit to customers requires strong policies

by my friend Mike Selfridge of Silicon Valley Bank: The CFOs I know don’t typically think of themselves as bankers, but a walk in wingtips would serve them well. Paramount to a bank’s success is the chief credit officer, responsible for the institution’s credit portfolio, lending practices, and overall risk management. Successful policies established byRead… Read more »

Government Contractor Finance – A Year In Review

For the past year I have been offering tips and insights into the process of commercial finance for government contractors. Even as the economy remained in a stall at the beginning of 2011, many agencies continued to rely on the deliberate capabilities of their contractors to keep the wheels of progress moving. To be sure,Read… Read more »

Network Effectively At Your Next Government Contracting Event

Blog Post by: Karen-Michelle Mirko Director, Customer Advocacy, American Express OPEN Government contracting can give small businesses access to a portion of the $500 billion dollars the government spends each year on goods and services, but for most small business owners, finding a way into this market is challenging. Networking is one critical tool toRead… Read more »

Startups With Real Revenue Can Get Venture Capital by StartUpPro

I just read the Q1 2011 report from CB Insights, which shows venture capital is back. Overall, investors put $7.5 billion to work across 738 financing deals with U.S. startups. That represents a $1.5 billion jump in funding over the same quarter of 2010 with a similar number of deals, so it clearly shows aRead… Read more »

IRS Gets Class Conscious: Switching to Independent Contractors Draws Scrutiny (1099’rs)

by Susan A. Berson Shifting from full-time employees to independent contractors is a recessionary cost-cutting measure some businesses implemented. But for those who have misclassified their workforce, the glare of the IRS spotlight may soon be upon them. Over the next three years, the Internal Revenue Service is auditing 6,000 randomly selected businesses to determineRead… Read more »

Buy The Book: Government Contracts Made Easier

Judy Bradt brings you the secrets to winning US government contracts – whether you’re taking your first steps, or expanding your footprint in pursuit of the world’s largest buyer. Government Contracts Made Easier is loaded with resources that seasoned contractors take years to discover: * Key Concepts: Find out what successful companies master as theyRead… Read more »

Recent Act Protects Sub-Contractors When Getting Paid For Work

On September 27, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 (SBJCA), which created a new rule which will hopefully provide some needed relief for those subcontractors who only receive partial or untimely payments from their less than reliable prime contractor teaming partners. As discussed below, the SBJCARead… Read more »

Changes That Help Women Business Owners Grow Through Government Contracting

Businesses have the opportunity to grow their revenues through government contracting. According to, the federal government spends over $500 billion annually on goods and services. Thanks to changes in federal policy, women-owned businesses have a greater chance to win government contracts. The Women-Owned Small Business Program, recently created by the Small Business Administration (SBA),Read… Read more »

Bidding On Government Contracts – Show Them The Money

One of the complaints small businesses make is Government agencies stick to bigger vendors and don’t try out new smaller companies. The reason for this, contract officers don’t like problems. If a contract gets awarded to a small vendor who proceeds to mess up the work, it means a headache and more work for theRead… Read more »