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The Best of Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Meme

Mitt Romney’s unfortunate phrasing touched off Internet hysteria following the Oct. 16 town hall presidential debate. The moment came when Romney stumbled over a question regarding pay equity, telling the audience how he used “binders full of women” to recruit female cabinet members as Governor of Massachusetts. The full remark courtesy of the ABC NewsRead… Read more »

One Night in Santa Cruz: Nonexistent Political Compromise

It’s a Tuesday night and it’s sprinkling outside, much to my dismay, as I head over to City Hall to witness what is expected to be a long and onerous council meeting. As I near the chambers it becomes obvious that a large swath of people have already begun to pour out onto the patioRead… Read more »

Is Twitter a Mainstream Media Company?

Last week, President Obama took part in the first “Twitter Townhall” event, hosted in the East Room of the White House. I was on the scene to take it all in. The event led to widespread general coverage (see articles from Forbes and Bloomberg, for example) and what could be considered a public relations boonRead… Read more »