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Carolyn Lukensmeyer to direct National Institute for Civil Discourse, transition from AmericaSpeaks

It’s official… Carolyn Lukensmeyer — who we all know as founder and president of AmericaSpeaks — is moving on to a new role. She’ll be serving as Executive Director of the University of Arizona-based National Institute for Civil Discourse. Carolyn gave me a call yesterday with a heads-up about today’s big announcement, and said whenRead… Read more »

One Night in Santa Cruz: Nonexistent Political Compromise

It’s a Tuesday night and it’s sprinkling outside, much to my dismay, as I head over to City Hall to witness what is expected to be a long and onerous council meeting. As I near the chambers it becomes obvious that a large swath of people have already begun to pour out onto the patioRead… Read more »

John Stuart Mill: Rolling in his Grave

As cries of “socialist!” and “terrorist!” fly, I am once again amazed at how low we have sunk in our national dialogue. I mean really: our economy’s a mess, we’re stuck in a war we can’t win, people don’t have adequate health care, and our schools suck. But all we can do is name call?Read… Read more »