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WHAT and HOW We Say It Matters

How and when and where leaders communicate continues to be in the midst of transformation. It seems we’re always on the air in some way. Have you noticed? It is evolving as the whole landscape for leadership changes —involving all of us; stretching across cultures and many dimensions of difference at a breakneck speed. EachRead… Read more »

Rosa Parks on DR. KING as a ROLE MODEL

In her book, Quiet Strength: The Faith, the Hope, and the Heart of a Woman Who Changed a Nation by Rosa Parks, she shared several examples of people who served as role models. One was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She recalled his influence in these words… “Martin Luther King Jr. set a profound exampleRead… Read more »

SOCIAL MEDIA: Gatherng, Challenges & GovLoop

The GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS and the increasing use SOCIAL MEDIA have created a powerful duo in changing how we reach and communicate with each other and our unique “customers.” It is helping us discover the common ground upon which we walk across the world when it comes to pioneering new possibilities in government leadership andRead… Read more »