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‘Do or Do not. There is no try.’ And more from AFFIRM’s Monthly Speaker Series

Technology is an enabler. It gives us the ability to harvest big data, mobilize in ways unknown to previous generations, and shows us the means to improve every aspect of society. But that’s all. It just gives us the means, not the action. Some industry leaders are looking to turn means into action. One ofRead… Read more »

New Report: How Does the Government Manage Diversity And Inclusion?

In the fifth installment of their Best Places to Work in the Federal Government analysis of 2012 federal employee survey data, Deloitte and the Partnership for Public Service explored how men and women, different racial and ethnic groups, and veterans and employees with disabilities observed the workplace. This report, entitled Diversity and Inclusion, provides extremelyRead… Read more »

The Virtual World is Flat- How social media is helping good ideas get heard

The Army is probably about as stratified and hierarchical an organization as you will find where everyone has a place in the system from Private to General. That system has existed for literally thousands of years but I believe the social media revolution is creating a virtual flattening like never seen before where anyone withRead… Read more »