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12 Tips on Navigating the Federal Job Application Process

Applying to a federal job is far different than applying to your run-of-the-mill private sector position. You will be asked for far greater detail on your skills, abilities, and experience. You’ll likely endure a lengthy wait time after applying to hear if you’re being considered. And when you get started on your search, it mightRead… Read more »

Top 10 Federal Job Openings – Week of 9/9

Each week I pick the top 10 federal job openings by category (from project management to $100k jobs). Here’s my overall top 10 picks (1 job per our 10 categories ) 1. Deputy State Director for Resources, GS-0340-14/15 / Anchorage, Alaska / Department Of The Interior, Bureau of Land Management / GS-14-15 / Potential-15 /Read… Read more »