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GovBytes: Experts Suggest Dropouts could help Cybersecurity Efforts

In order to have a strong cyber-security team, government agencies need experts with the skills and education that are up to the task, right? Not so, said several panelists at the AFCEA Homeland Security Conference in Washington, D.C. Olivia Carroll, Director of the Cybercrime Lab for the U.S. Department of Justice said she believes thatRead… Read more »

LocalWiki project spawns open source communities

Who says open source is all about code and hackathons have to stick to computer hacking? Code Across America is a different kind of open source community, and it came together on February 25, 2012. This effort was part of civic innovation week (February 24-March 4), where over a dozen cities in the United StatesRead… Read more »

For Feds, Gmail + Phishing = Lesson in the Basics

Last week network monitors at Google noticed a concerted phishing attack against accounts held by senior U.S. government officials, including members of the military. The attack, if you can call it that, was plain old phishing, in which messages are crafted so as to look like they are coming from a trusted source — inRead… Read more »