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Cybersecurity is All of Our Jobs. Here’s How to Stay Safe in Government

It is true that increased sophistication of certain cyberattacks require equally serious emergency preparedness. But let’s not make it so easy for cyber criminals to take advantage of us by following a few simple guidelines to protect ourselves and the public organizations we work for.

Protecting Against Threats in a Changing Cyber Landscape

As organizations and citizen users increasingly depend on websites, mobile computing and web-based applications, they become exposed to greater privacy and security risks. Because of the open infrastructure of the Internet and the growing availability of hacking tools, almost anyone can carry out a cyberattack against any organization or user relying on networked applications and… Read more »

For Feds, Gmail + Phishing = Lesson in the Basics

Last week network monitors at Google noticed a concerted phishing attack against accounts held by senior U.S. government officials, including members of the military. The attack, if you can call it that, was plain old phishing, in which messages are crafted so as to look like they are coming from a trusted source — inRead… Read more »