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Creating a Culture of Helping

How can leaders inspire employees to help their colleagues? The leader of the design firm IDEO, Tim Brown, set out to create a help-friendly organization in order to spur greater creativity. Collaboration is key to effective organizations. But how can leaders encourage helping behaviors among employees? A recent Harvard Business Review article by Teresa Amabile,Read… Read more »

Making Strategic Decisions

Research on decision-making has made advances in recent years, but the research has not been applied to the actual practice of decision-making, observes Swiss professor Phil Rosenzweig in a recent article in the November issue of Harvard Business Review. Dr. Rosenzweig says in his article this is not because executives don’t want to make goodRead… Read more »

Tri-Sector Leadership Skills

Why are some public sector leaders — like John Koskinen, Ed DeSeve, and Michael Bloomberg – so successful at what they do? An article in the September issue of Harvard Business Review by Nick Lovegrove and Matthew Thomas tries to explain why. They examine the careers of leaders who have been successful in addressing complexRead… Read more »

Creating Dual Operating Systems

Harvard business sage John Kotter writes “We can’t keep up with the pace of change, let alone get ahead of it.” He says the historical success of hierarchical structures “can’t handle the challenges of mounting complexity and rapid change.” Large companies (and governments) cannot ignore the daily demands of running large enterprises that depend onRead… Read more »

The Key Role of Front Line Managers

Bob Stone, the head of Vice President Gore’s reinventing government initiative, focused his attention on what was going on at the front line. He said helping them understand and get their jobs done was the most important activity of a leader. That insight led to the creation of both Hammer Awards and Reinvention Labs asRead… Read more »