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Can IT Save Government?

There are many fascinating trends shaping government today. Across the federal landscape, we hear about big data, cloud, mobile and going paperless as technology saviors for government. But even the best technology may not be enough. To truly change how government does business, we need the ability to connect people and process. Regardless of theRead… Read more »

4 Essentials for Your Government Portal

Government agencies are quickly transforming to increase efficiencies and productivity as they adopt emerging technologies. With the emergence of web portals, increased consumer adoption of mobile devices, and higher demand for online services, government institutions are tasked to use technology to meet the demands of citizens in new, innovative ways. To meet citizen demands andRead… Read more »

Why ECM is Essential to Developing Your Government Web Portal

Government web portals have transformed the way that government engages with constituents. Due to advancements in the private sector, constituents are now use to conducting basic services online. Portals can become the one-stop-shops to access government services. As more and more people leverage the web to interact with government, it is now expected that governmentRead… Read more »

Tell Us: What’s on Your Organization’s IT Resolutions List for 2014?

Can you believe that it’s already that time of the year when we all start reflecting on the past year, and begin to look forward to 2014? Who knows where the time goes, but things certainly are moving fast. As we look to 2014, what are some things that should be on your IT resolutionsRead… Read more »

In Case You Missed It: Making the Case for ECM [Infographics]

This year, GovLoop and Hyland set out to create a series of infographics highlighting the power of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in government. Along with our blog posts, these infographics show how ECM is transforming the way government does business. Below I’ve provided a quick synopsis of each, and be sure to click the linkRead… Read more »

Back to Basics: 6 Leadership Strategies for IT Professionals

We’ve seen how complex government IT projects are. From the projects to countless small-scale initiatives, learning how to properly implement and deploy technology projects is a huge undertaking for government agencies. So where can we begin? It’s clear that dynamic leadership in the public sector is needed to successfully deploy and implement an ITRead… Read more »

How to Build Your Foundation for IT Innovation

There are a lot of interesting trends shaping government – the move to self-service platforms, cloud, mobile and leveraging big data. Although these trends are unique, one constant is that across all emerging trends, they are powered by documents. Proper document management is essential to deliver services in new ways and improve internal efficiencies. AsRead… Read more »

5 Keys to Mobile Adoption Success

Citizen adoption of mobile technology is one of the fastest growing trends in society. In May 2012, the Obama Administration launched the Digital Government Strategy. At that point, only 35% of adults owned a mobile device, while today that number is nearly 50%. Additionally, in May 2013, there were well over one million commercial appsRead… Read more »