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10 Questions to Ask Prior to Making IT Investments

In both the private and public sector, the need for increased operational efficiencies and cost reductions are driving IT adoption. The challenge for organizations today is that even though adoption is essential to transform their organization, an emphasis must be placed on preparing for future operational needs. This is a challenging balance for government organizationsRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Create the Virtuous Cycle of Citizen Engagement

Conversations on citizen engagement tend to discuss the proper role of government and explore the proper engagement levels of citizens. Yet, before any of those important conversations can take place, agencies need to focus on setting the proper citizen engagement foundation, which will allow organizations to build new and innovative citizen engagement strategies. Post HighlightsRead… Read more »

5 Benefits of Leveraging ECM and GIS Technology

One of the lessons learned from our recent report, Crafting a Comprehensive Digital Government Strategy, was that agencies need to develop strategies to scale services and leverage existing technology within the agency. In many cases, agencies can identify new insights and improve workflows by leveraging existing technologies. One example is how agencies can leverage enterpriseRead… Read more »

3 Keys to Workflow Efficiencies: Capturing, Sharing and Managing Documents

State, local and federal government officials are all looking at ways to reduce the time, cost, and improve processes for service delivery. As resources shrink and demand increases, organizations are pressed to find new efficiencies in an already resource limited environment. Due to this dynamic, now, like never before, organizations must focus on workflows, leverageRead… Read more »

Exploring How Enterprise Content Management Improves Workflows and Organizational Efficiencies

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology is helping to transform how government delivers services. The post below briefly highlights ECM technology and the benefits of ECM. Government is certainly in a transitional period as to how services are delivered, and core to this transition is freeing government of the burden of paper, and placing workers, staff,Read… Read more »

The Human in Human Services

Working for housing and community development agencies gave me many glimpses of health and human service agencies, both governmental and non-profits. As a result, I know many case managers, folks who’ve dedicated their professional lives to helping others through programs like homeless prevention, nutrition, vocational rehabilitation and foster care. What’s so hard about dedicating yourRead… Read more »