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FAC-COR Level I II & III Traininig via online Distance Learning

COR DISTANCE LEARNING: OUR FAC-COR COURSES COR DISTANCE LEARNING CLASSES ARE ACCEPTED BY FAITAS Call: (202) 280-7272 Email: [email protected] ABOUT THE TAI COR DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM. Federal employees working in remote areas of our nation require COR training credits, and some employees can’t always find courses easily available to them. Many employees just don’t likeRead… Read more »

CB2: Social Alerting With Influence

I’ve been going about alerting all wrong. I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in the crisis alerting space, having built or deployed SMS, FM and satellite text and video notification systems in the past. I’ve also been fairly vocal on how their inherent limitations of cost, public adoption rate, and lack ofRead… Read more »

Renewable Energy Laws Spur Global Investment

I’ve noticed that momentous changes to the rules by which we all live and work often start out on the frontiers, then flow back inward. New ways of doing old business, new industries, even shifts in societal and family rules are often hatched out of necessity by out-there, pragmatic pioneers who seek a better way,Read… Read more »